This blog is obligatory. That means it has to exist.

Every week the discerning reader will find one of the following

– A long, obtuse, philosophical treatise (and by treatise I mean rant) related in some tangential way to climbing.

– Words and photos describing how me and my friends send the gnar, or rather, how my friends send the gnar while I belay them.

– A vaguely historical, semi-researched, article (and by article I mean rant) related in some tangential way to climbing.

– Some other ill-conceived creative effort

If two or more of the words used above are not familiar to you, I offer the following alternative explanation: this is a blog about climbing except when it isn’t.

EDIT: Due to extended periods of time without real, non-smartphone, internet access, weekly postings have become somewhat more sporadic, resulting in the following change in policy – I’ll post things when I damn well feel like it, and try to average around one per week.


The title photo was taken by Ryan Hoover on Chair Peak, it features products supplied at full retail cost by The North Face, Osprey, Grivel, Petzl, Mountain Hardware, Outdoor Research, Mammut, Scarpa, CAMP, and Black Diamond. These and any other climbing equipment companies are invited to contact me with their sponsorship offers.


Please note that this is a creative writing project and not a historical document. The act of forming events into a narrative inherently falsifies them, plus I make stuff up.


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