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10. Home – you already have food there and you can eat it while lying showered on a couch. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes it isn’t.

9. Sultan Bakery (Sultan) – Their Reuben sandwiches are about 8 in. across, not the greatest in the world but better than anything else you’ll find along Hwy 2.

8. Tacos Chalito (Ellensburg) – the superburrito: better and larger than the ones you get from places like Chipotle, for 2/3 the price.

7. El Camion (Seattle) – The cons: they are in Ballard; the pros: they serve the best burritos in the PNW.

6. Skagit River Brewery (Mount Vernon) – Another town, another brew-pub. An excellent place to eat nachos after an almost eventful simul-rappel.

5. Boundary Bay Brewery (Bellingham) – Much like Skagit River but in all likelihood closer to where you were climbing.

4. Casa Que Pasa (Bellingham) – More calories per dollar than Boundary Bay and probably the third best burrito after El Camion and South.

3. North Fork Brewery (Mt. Baker Hwy) – although it looked and feels like a dive bar, these people make, no exaggeration, the best pizza in the PNW.

2. South (Leavenworth) – forget the bratwurst, this place has burritos as big as your head.

1. Your car – If you have food, or better yet beer, at your car, there is no better place to chow down. The best part is that it doesn’t matter what time you arrive at the trailhead, the cooler in your trunk doesn’t shut down for the night. Plus, this is one of the only ways to experience having beer for breakfast without feeling like you’re an alcoholic.


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